Although today's consumers only visit a few dealerships before buying a new or used car, it's still important to select a good, reliable dealership. If you make a mistake when choosing a dealership, you could end up with stress and financial losses for years to come.


If you live in Des Moines, Iowa, there are multiple vehicle dealerships under one brand within several kilometers, such as Toyota, Ford, Dodge, etc. So, how you do select the right dealership? Consider the following tips when buying your new or used car.


Upfront information sharing


Look for a dealership that's ready to give all the information you need upfront, without hesitation. Some dealers are reluctant to provide payment quotes or pricing unless they receive a written purchase offer or deposit. Others don't even show their prices online. Stay away from such dealers.


Warranty/used vehicle reconditioning


While new ram pickup trucks come with the manufacturer's warranty, second hand cars generally don't. Ask the car dealership about their process of reconditioning used cars. Have the tires, steering, and brakes been examined (and fixed if necessary)? Do they do a multi-point inspection? Do they offer a complementary warranty on all used cars?




Be sure to buy from a dealership that returns your calls, and replies your text messages and emails promptly, clearly and professionally. A reputable dealer will answer all your questions and give you a list of choices to pick from. They'll let you pick what's best for you rather than try to push you to a car that doesn't fit your needs. To learn more about car dealers, visit


Atmosphere and facilities


Is the staff having a good time? Are they looking like they love their job? Do you feel at ease while shopping? Are the facilities in good working order and clean? Getting answers to these queries will help you know how well or badly a dealership is run.





Go online and check out the reviews of the ford dealers in des moines you're considering. Pay particular attention to how they respond to negative reviews (or worse still, if they at all respond). If you find many negative reviews, or find a recurring negative trend about a certain topic, keep off. In addition, ask your loved ones and pals where they purchased their last car and whether they got satisfactory service.



Buying a new or second hand car should be a thrilling experience, rather than a stressful one. Be sure to find a car dealership in Des Moines, Iowa selling new and used cars that you're most comfortable with before purchasing your next car.